7 Best Kayak Dry Bag – Choose the Best for your Needs!

The ideal hiking season is back as spring gradually takes over. But are you ready to go out on new adventures? Going out into the wilderness, your main concern should be your own safety.

That won’t be possible if you’re constantly worried about your phone, camera and other important gadgets, especially if you’re kayaking through rough rivers and waterfalls. To take care of that, you’ll need to get the best kayak dry bag.

What is a dry bag? Dry bags are a handy storage device that keeps your valuables safe during water sports such as boating, rafting or fishing. Especially while kayaking, is a must-have.

The best dry bag for kayak should be durable, spacious, and stylish at the same time.

This article will review the best dry bags for kayaking we found online to help you make a good purchase.


Best Dry Bags for Kayaks – Top 7 in the Market for 2023

ImageProductCheck Price
1.earth pack best dry bag for kayakEarth Pak -WaterproofCheckAMZ
2.Unigear Waterproof Dry BagUnigear WaterproofCheckAMZ
3.marchaway top dry bag for kayakMARCHWAY WaterproofCheckAMZ
4.ultra dry best kayak dry bagUltra Dry PremiumCheckAMZ
5.freegrace best dry bag for kayakingFreegrace WaterproofCheckAMZ
6.dry vault best wet dry bagDry Vault WaterproofCheckAMZ
7.ZBRO Waterproof Dry Bag ZBRO WaterproofCheckAMZ


Best Kayak dry Bag Reviews:


1. Earth Pak Waterproof – Top Dry Bag

earth pack best dry bag for kayak

Earth Pak is a brand set up by a pair of passionate hikers. They know exactly what pains hikers and design their products accordingly. Needless to stay, their dry bag has all it takes to be the best kayak dry bag.

Firstly, they provide the best protection against water. The durable materials combined with the impeccable making make it a great choice for the roughest users. Apart from that, it’s got a special case for your most valued possession, your phone.

Secondly, the phone case is IPX8 certified and designed with a versatile size to fit all phones. Also, it’s transparent at the front and the back, so you can capture the memories you came for, while its in the case. And, in case of emergencies, the simple snap and lock system lets you access your phone immediately.

Thirdly, this kayak bag has durable straps as well. Any size you choose will come with a shoulder strap accompanied with a sturdy sternum strap as well. This will provide extra support so the load does not strain your shoulders.


Doubles up as a pillow at night
Phone case fits up to 6.5-inch diagonal length phones
500 D PVC material
Eight colors to choose from
Large sizes come with padded straps


Reviews show problems with the straps



2. Unigear Waterproof – Great Choice Dry Bag

Unigear Waterproof Dry Bag

This is the best wet dry bag by unigear. With a great combination of durability and additional features, this bag is your ultimate kayaking companion. The brand guarantees its water resistance and boasts to protect your phone, clothes, documents and other valuables that you wish to take along.

This attributes to the durable material the bag is made up of. It protects the bag against ruptures and leakage. So even if your bag falls into the river while rafting or kayaking, you’ll have plenty of time to retrieve it. The dry sack is also tough against abrasions so it’ll last you long even after rigorous use.

When it comes to ease and comfort, its shoulder strap is long and adjustable, so you can change it as you like it. Also, you can change the strap integration to suit your style.

In addition, the closures are constructed keeping the rough waters in mind. The buckles are made out of POM material, which is stronger than regular buckles and is break resistant. Also, the D-rings are fastened with double sewing so it can take heavy loads without ripping.

Lastly, this waterproof bag includes a similar phone case as well. It keeps out water and dust once you lock the phone inside so you can use it to take pictures while kayaking. Also, the case is touch-friendly as well.


600D PVC material
Floats on water even when full
Nine colors to choose from
Welded Seams
Refund policy


Not suitable for submerging



best dry bag for kayak


3. MARCHWAY Top Waterproof Dry Bag

marchaway top dry bag for kayak

This compact dry bag by Marchway is great to carry along when you’re out of a hike or some water sports. Made from rip-proof tarpaulin, and stitched up with a sealed, welded seams, this bag won’t let water anywhere near your valued possessions.

Apart from that, this bag has other commendable features as well. It has a roll-top closing system, which ensures a secure seal and protects your stuff well. Also, using this bag is a breeze. Just pack all you need, secure the woven tape, and roll down tightly before you fasten the buckle, and you’re good to go!

Moreover, the bag has a smoothly finished surface, so no matter how dirty it gets you can always wipe it off with a washcloth and it’ll be as good as new.

Similarly, it has accessible straps that you can adjust to your style. The shoulder straps are extendable, so you can make them longer, carry them on your shoulder or in cross-body style. What makes it the best dry bag for kayaking is that you can throw it offboard and it will float on the water, keeping your possessions safe inside.


Puncture and abrasion resistant
Thermo-welded edges


No phone case
Not suitable for submerging underwater



4. Ultra Dry Waterproof – Premium Dry Bag

ultra dry best kayak dry bag

The Ultra Dry kayaking dry bag is also a great companion for adventurers. The brand gives 100% guarantee to protect your gear inside the bag no matter how rough the waters get. Even rains and rough use on the beach will not penetrate its protection. That’s because the bag is made out of anti-tear, and puncture proof material.

In addition, it includes a phone case so you can carry your phone separately and use it when you need. The case is large enough to fit phones of all sizes. Also, it sports clear windows for flawless use without any concern of the water damaging your prized possession.

Other than that, it has great additional accessories. The straps are durable and comfortable so they won’t strain your shoulders while you carry the load. Also, they are extra long and adjustable to fit all kinds of needs, just pull it to the size you want. The package includes a set of metal calipers to safely fasten your keys and other small essentials where you can reach them easily.


Thermo welded seams
Soft, flexible polymer construction
Stress-point integration
Money-back guarantee


Not suitable for submersion



5. Freegrace Great Waterproof Dry Bag

freegrace best dry bag for kayaking

Here’s another option for the best kayak dry bag that you should consider. It has all the main features you’ll need to protect your gear, along with impeccable customer service from the brand as well.

Firstly, the brand offers a set of two waterproof bags. So you can keep one for backup or gift it to your kayaking companion. The bag does not have the same old roll-top system, but a more compact and easy-to-use zip lock closure. This means that your possessions are protected by a firm seal rather than just rolled up fabric. Also, the brand boasts this seal to be twice as effective to protect your gear during rough usage.

Secondly, it has a fully waterproof phone case as well. It’s made out of IPX8 certified, durable material to keep your favorite possession secure while you enjoy your water sports. Also, it has clear windows on both sides to facilitate photography. And no matter what size of phone you have it’ll easily fit into the case.

Thirdly, the bag is made out of very light materials. So you can focus on your adventures rather than the load you’re carrying on your back. The light material makes the bag almost 30% lighter than others.


Suitable for submersion
Double closure seals
Hook for hanging the bag
Neck strap provided for the phone case


Hydraulic pressure underwater may damage the phone
Seal closures may need maintenance when used during winter



6. Dry Vault – Waterproof Dry Bag

dry vault best wet dry bag

This is another great choice to take along on your next hiking plan. Convenient and useful, this bag will make you concern-free about your gear and enjoy your sports to the fullest. The best part is that you’ll get an assortment of different sized bags on the purchase of this dry bag set.

In addition, this bag is made of 500D PVC tarpaulin. It makes it effective against the weather and water. So whether you carry it off on a rainy day or a rough boating adventure, this bag will have you covered. Also, the straps on this bag are sturdy and adjustable. You can change the integration of the straps to carry it on your shoulder or as a backpack, to ease your load. The top buckle can also serve as an extra handle for more convenience.

Other than that, to seal your possessions in, the bag has a top seal that keeps water and dust out. The seal is very easy to operate and durable even after long term, rigorous use. Also, it has separate bags to keep your dry and wet things separately.

These bags are also compact. They can fit into small places and are also constructed with light materials. This makes the bag lighter than other kayaking dry bags so the load won’t strain you. Also, it’s lightweight enough to float on the water. You can simply push it off the board while you’re rafting and it will float beside you.


Attractive design
Six colors to choose from
Water-tight seal closure


No phone case
Not submersible



7. ZBRO Waterproof Dry Bag

ZBRO Waterproof Dry Bag

Last but not least, this waterproof bag by ZBRO will protect your possessions for you, effectively, while you have fun kayaking. It’s constructed with top-notch water-resistant material. This not only protects your gear against water currents but also keep out dust and remains intact even with rough and rigorous use.

In addition, this bag keeps you comfortable throughout your kayak trip. This attributes to it’s padded, adjustable straps. You can adjust them like a shoulder bag, or as a backpack if it’s too heavy.

Other than that, you can organize your things in an appropriate way in your ZBRO bag. It has separate pockets for wet clothes and another for dry ones. Also, there’s an inner pocket for your phone, keys and other important things. You can remove this pocket as well, so you can find your things easily.


Seal-tight closure
Florescent stripe makes the bag visible and easy to locate
Lifetime warranty
Money back policy


Not suitable to take along for diving



best dry bag for kayaking


Last Thoughts about the Best Dry Bag for Kayaking.

Now that you’ve gone through all our choices for the best dry bag for the kayak. All of them are great in terms of utility and value for money.

But, there are some features that are not common in all of them.

Most of them have a roll-up top to keep the water out, while others have the watertight seal. You can choose between them according to your needs.

Also, not all of them can resist water when submerged completely for long intervals, so choose your bag carefully, and be concern free when kayaking.

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